Beginner: Weekly Skate Lessons (Sunday Only)

Beginner: Weekly Skate Lessons (Sunday Only)

Limited space available. You must register online before to attending lessons. Muffy’s SkateTastic weekly skate lessons is designed for people who have no roller skating experience OR for those who need a refresher course on roller skating fundamentals.

The following skills will be covered:

  • How to start, stand, and stop
  • Stationary crossovers
  • Gliding techniques
  • Drills to help improve balance

All techniques will be combined to create a skate dance routine at the end of the series! Students will receive weekly progress reports and a certificate of completion at the end of each series.

All techniques will be combined to create a skate dance routine at the end of the session!

Location: Fitness In Motion: 9477 E Washington St, Indianapolis, IN 46229

Cost: $25 per session ( you must register for each class before attending)

Safety gear is highly encouraged! Your safety matters. Rental skates will NOT be provided. Must bring your own skates.

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Questions? Contact Muffy at ‪(317) 721-4113 or email

If you are ready to take your roller skating skills to the next level, fill out the form below to secure your spot today!

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20 thoughts on “Beginner: Weekly Skate Lessons (Sunday Only)

  1. I want to learn to roller skate. When is your next class? What day and time are they?

  2. Hello, I’m wondering which class to sign up for tonight. I know how to start, stop, shuffle, cross over, and switch from forward to backward. But I can’t switch from backward to forward. And I want to glide and skate smooth during transitions.

  3. Do you have April’s calendar posted for the 6 week intermediate class? I’m interested in signing up.

  4. Good morning, I would like to schedule a family session is that possible? For beginners, my kids skate a little but not much..

  5. Hi, I am really interested in taking one of these classes but I’m not sure which one I need to start off with. I’ve taken one of your classes before about 3 or 4 years ago at a school and it was a skate fitness class with you and Tootsie Roll. I think that was her name. But anyway I know how to skate a little bit so I’m not sure which class would be the best one for me.

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