Skate Life

Skate Life

In the Skate Life section of, I will feature skaters that help drive the culture, talk about issues that may arise in our skating community, and other things that may randomly come to my mind. Yes, skate life can come with drama and craziness, but that’s the reality of our world. Let’s keep the positive vibes going.

This is my platform, and I will only highlight skaters that inspired or helped me along my roller-skating journey. Please keep this in mind when you’re reading content on Remember, this blog will be from my perspective, and no one else’s.  

If there is a topic or issue you would like to see featured on, comment below, I want to hear from you!!

Muffy Skates

I write to inspire! Ready to take a look into my world of roller skating, travel, and lifestyle? I will take you on my journey of self-discovery and the successes along the way.

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