Six Instagram Accounts To Follow to Learn How to Roller Skate Online!

Six Instagram Accounts To Follow to Learn How to Roller Skate Online!

Are you trying to figure out if roller skating is a hobby that you want to explore and would like to receive one on one instruction, but not sure where to turn? You are in luck! I have the answer for you.

I’ve created a list of six Instagram accounts of skaters that I follow who teach online or virtual roller-skating lessons. These accounts also inspired me to elevate my roller-skating abilities. 

Hailing everywhere from the UK to California, these instructors’ techniques range from balancing on skates to learning funky footwork all from the comfort of your own home.

The one thing I like about these instructors are their abilities to teach beginner to advanced skaters. No matter what level you’re at, there is an instructor ready to take your rolling skating skills to the next level. 

Check out these six Instagram accounts to get inspiration or guidance to learn how to roller skate today! (These are not in no particular order)

1. SkateFantacee

Free spirited and spontaneous, @SkateFantacee’s Instagram account is filled with skate videos focused on balance and drills to improve coordination. Striving to keep people skating and promoting positive vibes, Cece encourages new skaters to explore whatever feels good naturally. You don’t even need skates to roll with @SkateFantacee. She encourages students to try movements with their socks on to get a steady foundation. If you rather keep your skates on, that’s fine too. @SkateFantacee goes LIVE at any given moment to provide skate knowledge for beginners and advance skaters.

“I love teaching others to skate because I want people to experience the best that roller skating offers with positive vibes, and to continue to encourage them to never give up if it’s something they want to make a part of their lifestyle.”


2. PlayTone_UK

Hailing all the way from the UK, @Tinukes_Orbit and @Obiepearl is a dynamic duo whose mission is to help others become stronger with a focus on fitness and fun. With a team ready to guide you through various virtual workshops, the community of Play Tone will get you ready to hoop, skate, jump rope, and unleash your inner child.  Check @playtone_uk for all the latest updates from instructors and skate challenges!

“I love teaching roller skating online because it’s gives me the chance to stay connected to all of my students that I normally teach regularly, but now amazingly…I’ve got the opportunity to connect with more skaters from all over the globe!!!!! I’ve never been a part of such an amazing online skate community before it’s so exciting!! “

@tinukes_orbit – Roller skate teacher and co-founder of PLAY TONE

3. SmoothGoddess

Known for her intricate and mesmerizing footwork, @smoothgoddess has quarterly roller-skating lessons. But due to COVID-19, she is now hosting a “Back to Basics” virtual workshop through Zoom. Her classes are for all ages from beginner to advanced. Throughout her Instagram account, @SmoothGoddess creates weekly motivational quotes to empower and inspire her followers to be the best version of themselves.  

When I asked her why she loves to teach skate lessons..she states, “The skate community once poured into me and it’s only right for me to pour back into a community which once poured into me.”


4. Stormskater

Channeling her favorite marvel comic, @stormskater is known for her signature one leg spins.  Have you ever tried to learn something and the instructor was not clear and you had no idea what they just said? Well, she knows how to break down complex moves so students can easily understand how to execute. Not to mention, her accent is to die for!! Her Instagram provides weekly skate tutorials and will keep you glued to the screen wanting to learn more.

“I enjoy teaching roller skating because I remember how it felt to reach the goals I set myself as a newbie skater and to also have amazing inspirational roller-skaters to guide me and help gain more skills than I ever thought was possible to also be able to provide that for others but on a virtual level which has helped me teach worldwide. Aint that amazing, but also kinda crazy? It also been a blessing to see people who I’ve taught and inspire other people and teach them as well creating new skaters.”


5. Gypsetcity

Her page is filled with vibrant photos and videos from all over the world. Coco has returned to the States and will be hosting workshops and offering online skate classes for all levels. Little known fact, she inspired me to try to conquer the headstand on roller skates! Well, I’m able to do a headstand but still working on adding the skates.

6. Skaterobics

What do you get when you combine roller skating and aerobic exercise together? Skaterobics! Tanya Dean, founder of Skaterobics has created classes with the perfect combination of dance, fitness, and fun for every level. Offering quarantine skate classes every Tuesday through Zoom, Tanya’s experience, and high energy will have you conquering your roller-skating skills in no time. Most of Skaterobic’s content can be located on Facebook.

“We teach the classes based on the “5 C Principle” – Comfort, Confidence, Control, Coordination and Combination. We provide a safe and fun environment, so there’s no need to be afraid or embarrassed.”


Muffy Skates

I write to inspire! Ready to take a look into my world of roller skating, travel, and lifestyle? I will take you on my journey of self-discovery and the successes along the way.

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